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PRESS RELEASE: Teledyne DALSA Showcases Capabilities for Defense and Security Applications

Highlights Advanced Imaging Components and IR Detectors at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference

Waterloo, Ontario --  April 21, 2011 – Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and a global leader in digital image sensing technology, will highlight its state-of-the-art imaging components and sub-systems development capability for defense and security applications including UV-VIS-NIR CCD and CMOS detectors, detectors for color and multi spectral applications, advanced imaging modules, and custom uncooled IR detectors at the upcoming SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference. The conference runs April 25 – April 29 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and Teledyne DALSA will be located at Booth 524.

Teledyne DALSA will showcase its field-proven UV and X-ray imaging solutions, and its unique capability for manufacturing uncooled short-, mid-, and long-wavelength infrared cameras based on a variety of technologies. 

Imaging Capabilities
Visible Wavelength Imagers (VIS)
- Teledyne DALSA's extensive camera and detector technology platforms, including standard, semi-customized and full custom CMOS and CCD detectors, combine with the latest camera concepts, to deliver advanced low SWAP (Size Weight and Power) solutions for a variety applications. Teledyne DALSA’s imaging technology offers unmatched combinations of speed, responsivity, and dynamic range with such features such as 8, 10, and 12 bit output, GigE Vision® and Camera Link® interface standards, and programmability, including multi-megapixel area and line scan as well as high sensitivity line scan (TDI: Time Delay & Integration) technology.

Ultraviolet Detectors (UV) –  proprietary UV-imaging technology can sense wavelength ranges down to 193 nm. Based on the back-side illuminated detector concept, this technology can be implemented in both high-speed CCD and CMOS technologies.

Near-Infrared Detectors (NIR 650 - 1050 nm) –  offers a range of NIR-sensitive detectors. Proprietary device and process engineering allow for high sensitivity in the 800-1000 nm range, while still maintaining important features such as over exposure control.

Short-, Mid- and Long- Wavelength Infrared Cameras – in-house capabilities to deliver camera and image module solutions for SWIR (1050 – 2500 nm), MWIR (3000 - 5000 nm), and LWIR (8000-12000 nm) applications.  The IR cameras and modules are developed and qualified to customer specifications, and are based on both third party detectors and on Teledyne DALSA’s own field- proven camera platforms leveraging extensive experience with temperature stabilization, advanced low power interfaces and “smart” camera technology.

Export Control and Controlled Goods
Teledyne DALSA sources its technology from non-ITAR restricted sources and therefore can supply "ITAR free" solutions subject to Canadian export controls. In addition, we are implementing a secure infrastructure, compliant to the Canadian Controlled Goods Program, in order to handle products that are subject to commonly used International Control Goods List. Teledyne DALSA design controls are compliant to the relevant MIL-standards.


SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Conference
Booth 524
April 25 - 29, 2011
Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Media Note: For interview requests with Teledyne DALSA Management, please email [email protected] or visit Booth 524.

Visit our Defense and Security Imaging microsite to download a copy of Teledyne DALSA’s Advanced Defense and Security Imaging Solutions brochure.

About Teledyne DALSA, Inc.
Teledyne DALSA is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1,000 employees worldwide, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1980, the company designs, develops, manufactures and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing MEMS products and services. For more information, visit Teledyne DALSA’s website at www.teledynedalsa.com.

Media Contact:
Maria Doyle
Red Javelin Communications, Inc.
Tel: +1-781-964-3536
[email protected]

Business Development Contact:
Cees Draijer
Manager Teledyne DALSA Defense and Security
Tel: +1-519-886-6001
[email protected]

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Published 2011-04-21

Teledyne DALSA sources its technology from non ITAR restricted sources and therefore can supply "ITAR free" solutions subject to Canadian export controls.


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