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Origin impresses DP on Greenpeace Anthony Hopkins shoot

A recent article in Highdef Magazine recounts DP Florian Stadler's first experience with DALSA's Origin camera, using it to shoot Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins for a Greenpeace commercial earlier this year.

Stadler was impressed with the image quality, noting "the images are simply stunning, clean and have an incredible amount of detail and dynamic range. In the material I shot there is no apparent grain and no visible noise. No detail in the bright parts of the shirt was lost, no blooming, weird highlight coloring or other artifacts I might expect from an electronic image."

Stadler was also impressed with the Origin's on-set workflow, finding the camera "very easy to prep, similar to a film shoot. All the mechanical parts are like the set-up film DP's are accustomed to using. The menu is structured in a simple layout and is remarkably easy to learn."

"DALSA provided a software exposure tool called Visualize, which allowed me to preview what the captured imagery looks like with different renderings of the RAW data," wrote Stadler. "If you were shooting 35mm this is the same as having the ability to preview what your negative looks like processed normally and push or pull processed by up to 3 stops in either direction, instantly."

To find out why Stadler considers himself "converted from being a digital technological pessimist," read the complete article.

Published 2007-08-27

Read DP Florian Stadler's account of using Origin to shoot Anthony Hopkins.

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