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New Video: DALSA X-Ray Imaging Technology

Radiography is a vital tool in medical and dental care. But getting the best X-rays depends on having the best X-ray detectors. In our new video, see how our new flat panel and scanning detectors deliver the best X-ray images possible at the lowest dose.  

What makes our detectors better? The difference is in the crystalline silicon used in DALSA CMOS and CCD sensors. Compared to the uneven molecular structure of amorphous silicon used in some other X-ray detectors, the uniform structure of crystalline silicon is exceptionally efficient at moving the electrons generated by incoming X-ray photons, allowing them to flow with more speed and requiring less power than competing solutions.  Seeing is believing: watch the video.

Published 2011-01-20

In this video, learn how DALSA's new CMOS and CCD detectors deliver better X-ray images at lower dose, with higher resolution and speed.


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