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MEMS Processing with Gold now available at Teledyne DALSA MEMS Fab

Until recently, the mix of MEMs, CCD and HV-CMOS technologies being run in the Teledyne DALSA wafer foundry had restricted our ability to use gold due to concerns about cross-contamination.

We are pleased to announce that our facility infrastructure has now been upgraded to isolate the main MEMs production area and we are now able to process MEMs wafers with gold and other "CMOS un-friendly" metals and materials. Furthermore, the new C2MI R&D centre infrastructure, which we use for advanced MEMS development, has been designed from the outset to accommodate gold.

For more information on using gold in the fabrication of your MEMS design, contact sales.

Published 2013-01-02

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor now offers MEMS processes with Gold


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