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DALSA profiled in Toronto Star feature

DALSA's depth and breadth of technology were profiled recently by an article in the Toronto Star, Canada's highest circulation newspaper.

Interviews with DALSA CEO Brian Doody and VP of Corporate Communications Patrick Myles helped Susan Down write an article that traces DALSA's growth from founder Dr. Savvas Chamberlain's pioneering CCD research to its present strength as a $200 million company dominating niches in high-performance digital imaging and MEMS manufacturing.

Down points out DALSA's focus on research as the driver for its presence in products used by organizations as diverse as Canada Post (postal sorting) and NASA (Mars RoverS) and in applications from photogrammetry to mammography to video game controllers.

To read the full article, visit the Toronto Star website.  

Published 2009-10-26

Susan Down's Toronto Star article highlights some of DALSA's successes, including its manufacture of image sensors for the Mars rovers

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