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DALSA Introduces X64 Xcelera PCI Express Frame Grabber Series

DALSA Corporation (TSX: DSA) today announced its new line of frame grabbers based on the PCI Express - the X64 Xcelera Series.

Building on the field proven technology and performance of DALSA's X64 frame grabbers, the new Xcelera Series leverages the PCI Express (PCIe) platform to bring traditional image acquisition and processing technology to new levels of performance and flexibility. This unified and scalable platform currently supports high-performance Camera Link™ cameras, with future versions extending to multiple input, progressive scan analog and parallel LVDS digital cameras.

Designed with the requirements of machine vision OEMs in mind, the Xcelera Series will range from entry level frame grabbers, to high-performance image acquisition boards, to embedded vision processors. Addressing the emerging needs of bandwidth-hungry vision applications, DALSA's Xcelera Series is defining next generation frame grabber capabilities with the ability to deliver bandwidth of 1GB/sec over multiple-lane PCI Express implementations with room to grow.

"Over the last five years our X64 frame grabbers have successfully set a new standard for industrial image acquisition performance and reliability. The Xcelera line builds on that standard and offers OEMs even more flexibility, speed and value." says Philip Colet, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, DALSA Digital Imaging.

The Xcelera Series is marked by the launch of the first two high-performance frame grabbers; the X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Dual and the X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Full. The new X64 Xcelera Camera Link frame grabbers will be showcased during VISION 2006, November 7-9, at DALSA's stand #4.0 616.

The X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Dual has been engineered within DALSA's Trigger-to-Image Reliability (T2IR) framework to ensure highly reliable and efficient acquisition control throughout the entire image capture sequence. Features include:

• Half-length PCI Express x4 board
• Acquisition from one Medium or simultaneously from two Base Camera Link cameras
• FPGA-based processing including Bayer decoding and shading correction for each input
• Supports acquisition from a wide range of cameras and formats
• Trigger-to-Image Reliability ensures secure image capture
• On-board optically isolated quadrature shaft encoder input
• Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
• Windows XP Professional X64 (64-bit OS) compatible

Like its sister board, the X64 Xcelera-CL PX4 Full is a Camera Link frame grabber that is also based on the PCI Express x4 interface. Features include:

• Half-length PCI Express x4 Board
• Acquires images from one Base, Medium or Full Camera Link camera
• Rapid image acquisition rates up to 1GB/s and high-speed image transfer to host memory at 1GB/s
• Supports Camera Link operations up to 85MHz
• Extended feature set supports non-Camera Link pixel/tap configurations
• Windows XP Professional X64 (64-bit OS) compatible

X64 Xcelera frame grabbers start at an OEM quantity price of $1,000 USD.

DALSA Machine Vision
For more than 25 years DALSA has led the design, manufacture and deployment of digital imaging components for the machine vision market. Today, DALSA image sensors, cameras, frame grabbers and software are used in thousands of automated inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries including semiconductor, flat panel display, electronics, and manufacturing.

About DALSA Corporation
DALSA is an international high performance semiconductor and electronics company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing semiconductor products and services. DALSA's core competencies are in specialized integrated circuit and electronics technology, software, and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. Products and services include image sensor components; electronic digital cameras; vision processors; image processing software; and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in MEMS, high-voltage semiconductors, image sensors and mixed-signal CMOS chips. DALSA is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DSA." The Company has its corporate offices in Waterloo, ON and over 1000 employees world-wide.

Media Contacts:

Kirk Petersen
Marketing Communications Director
Tel: +1-514-333-1301
e-mail: kirk.petersen@dalsa.com

Lisa Allocca
Red Javelin Communications, Inc.
Tel: +1-978-470-2227
e-mail: lisa@redjavelin.com

Published 2006-11-07

DALSA's new Xcelera Series builds on the proven performance of its X64 series and leverages PCI Express technology for new levels of performance.

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