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DALSA CEO Dr. Savvas Chamberlain delivers keynote at Beijing Machine Vision Conference

DALSA CEO Dr. Savvas Chamberlain delivered a keynote address in Beijing today at the The Third International Conference on Machine Vision and Industrial Application, organized by the China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG) and co-sponsored by the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). The conference aims to combine technology and market application, which includes industrial analysis, technical discussions, applications as well as prospect exploitations. It aims at promoting the exchange between the academic and the industrial areas, boosting the development of related industries and science and technology.

Dr. Chamberlain's presentation, "The Evolution of CCD and CMOS Sensor and Camera Technologies for Industrial Applications" gives both a historical context for machine vision as well as an astute look to the future from a person who is both a pioneer of solid-state imaging and a founder of a successful imaging technology corporation.

Published 2006-06-11

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