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DALSA CEO Addresses ITAC Executive Forum on Microelectronics

DALSA CEO Dr. Savvas Chamberlain recently addressed the the Information Technology Association of Canada's 11th Executive Forum on Microelectronics at the National Arts Centre in Canada's national capital region.

This year's forum had the theme of "Creative Destruction: Reinventing the Microelectronics Enterprise." Speakers addressed various key aspects of the creative destruction theme including new business models, the emergence of third party semiconductor IP providers, the investment perspective and the impact of patent reform in the US and its implications for Canadian semiconductor companies.

Speaking to other executives of global companies who have successfully navigated their companies into new markets, new lines of business and new business models, Dr. Chamberlain asserted that despite globalization there is a good future in Canada for microelectronic companies with their own specialized semiconductor fabrication and manufacturing facilities

Published 2005-12-01

Dr. Savvas Chamberlain addressed the Information Technology Association of Canada's Executive Forum on Microelectronics

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