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CCD Inventors Awarded Nobel Prize

Two scientists who invented the first semiconductor image sensor have been awarded part of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics. Canadian-born Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith were honored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for inventing the CCD (charge-coupled device) in 1969 at Bell Labs in New Jersey. Charles K. Kao also shared the prize for his work in fiber optic light transmission.

Boyle and Smith’s discovery, using the photoelectric effect to capture image information on silicon instead of chemical film, led to the wide variety of digital image sensors we use today in consumer, industrial, and scientific applications from digital cameras to automated inspection to astronomy.

When Boyle and Smith published their work, it inspired a host of digital imaging pioneers, including DALSA founder and chairman Dr. Savvas Chamberlain, who was then a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Beginning in 1970, Dr. Chamberlain’s research led to pioneering improvements in NMOS and CCD fabrication, VLSI MOSFETs and high-performance CCD image sensors, and eventually to his founding of DALSA in 1980.

DALSA’s employees, executive, and directors extend their warmest congratulations to Dr. Boyle and Dr. Smith on the award of one of the most coveted honors in science.

About DALSA Corporation
DALSA is an international leader in high performance digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1000 employees world-wide. Established in 1980, the company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing semiconductor products and services. DALSA's core competencies are in specialized integrated circuit and electronics technology, software, and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. Products and services include image sensor components (CCD and CMOS); electronic digital cameras; vision processors; image processing software; and semiconductor wafer foundry services for use in MEMS, high-voltage semiconductors, image sensors and mixed-signal CMOS chips. DALSA is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DSA” and has its corporate offices in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

For more information, please contact:
Patrick Myles
Vice President, Corporate Communications
DALSA Corporation
Tel: (519) 886-6001 Ext. 2177
Fax: (519) 886-3972
E-mail: [email protected]
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Published 2009-10-06

Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith were jointly awarded part of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics "for the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit – the CCD sensor."

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