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AIA’s new Camera Link HS standard to be released in November

A recent article in Test & Measurement World discusses the new Camera Link HS interface standard, which is expected to be released this fall. Ann R. Thryft, Contributing Technical Editor, interviews Mike Miethig, AIA committee chair and technical manager for Teledyne DALSA, about how  the committee hopes to announce Release 1.0 of the standard in November at Vision 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The article explains how the new HS standard seeks to retain the best features of Camera Link while supporting dramatically higher throughput and advanced functions. “The Camera Link HS feature set is very close to Camera Link’s, and its message types are the same, but the implementation and how messages are carried from one end of the cable to the other are totally different,” says Miethig.

The protocol is designed to scale easily from 300 to 6000 Mbytes/s, and can be scaled down to slower rates if necessary. Camera Link HS prioritizes messages and maintains the real-time low latency and low jitter of Camera Link, eliminating the need for a separate triggering cable. It supports both multicamera and multi-frame-grabber configurations.

Read the full article at Test & Measurement World.

Published 2011-08-02

High-throughput cameras such as the Piranha3 16k will benefit from the increased bandwidth that the Camera Link HS interface supports.

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