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AIA Article Discusses Metrology, Intelligence and Modern Machine Vision

An article in the July 13th edition of the Machine Vision Online Newsletter explores metrology, the scientific study of measurement. The author seeks to find a more specific definition of the term, focusing on metrology's meaning vis-à-vis machine vision. In this context, metrology evokes several specific criteria: in-process, high-resolution measurement of structures and textures for industrial production and quality control. 

Teledyne DALSA's Ben Dawson and Xing-Fei He discuss metrology with contributing AIA Editor Winn Hardin. The article discusses machine vision metrology systems and how multiple CCD line scan sensors in a TDI configuration can be used to run efficient production lines. The article makes specific mention of a system which uses a Teledyne DALSA Piranha2 8k pixel line scan camera.

Read the full article at Automated Imaging Association.

Published 2011-07-18

Detecting and measuring bubbles in solar panel concentrator glass using Teledyne DALSA Sherlock™ software.

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