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Teledyne DALSA offers custom image sensors and cameras for visible and NIR astronomy. We supply some of the highest resolution monolithic devices in the world, with features such as extremely low noise for long exposures and antiblooming to contain localized overexposure. With our own semiconductor foundry, Teledyne DALSA has decades of experience tuning designs and processes for optimal performance. Our capabilities include:

  • Wafer-scale monolithic image sensors with up to 250 megapixels
  • Backside thinning
  • High QE (frontside illumination to 70%, backside illumination to >90% )
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -35°C
  • Anti-reflection and anti-fog coatings
  • Low dark current (0.1 e / pix / sec at -35°C) for long exposures
  • Low read noise
  • Linear 16 bit digitization for dynamic range to >10000:1 (82 dB) 
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral devices
  • Radiation-tolerant designs 
  • Experience delivering space-qualified parts
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More Astronomy Capabilities

Teledyne DALSA is part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, and our sister companies offer related and complementary capabilities in astronomy:

  • Teledyne e2v: CCD and CMOS image sensors for astronomy. Teledyne e2v is a key supplier to NASA, ESA, and most of the world's major ground-based telescopes.
  • Teledyne Imaging Sensors: Cooled (HgCdTe) focal plane arrays in NIR, MWIR, and LWIR for scientific and astronomy applications. Teledyne provides the IR sensors for the Hubble and James Webb telescopes.