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Orthopedic and Surgical Radiology

Fluoroscopy for Dynamic, Real-Time X-Ray

Fluoroscopy uses X-ray imaging to provide real-time moving images for diagnostic evaluation of soft and hard tissue conditions. It is an indispensable tool for many interventional medical procedures.

Minimally Invasive and Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeons depend on X-ray images for minimally invasive procedures such as those on ankle, knee and wrist joints--real-time imagery is invaluable when setting fractures, both for fracture reduction and for placement of metalwork. Similarly, x-ray guided stereotactic needle biopsy allows accurate diagnosis of suspicious tissue in a minimally invasive way. In these dynamic imaging applications the low-dose sensitivity of our dynamic flat detectors multiplies our advantage; because every frame requires less dose, the cumulative dose with products such as our Xineos flat detector is dramatically lower than with competing technologies.

Knee pins

Needle placement in shoulder

Stereotactic breast biopsy

Fluoroscopy Video

Interventional Cardiac and Vascular Procedures

  • Angiography of the leg, heart and cerebral vessels.
  • Catheter placement 
  • Feeding tube placement
  • Urological surgery
  • Implantation of cardiac devices such as pacemakers
  • Discography, for evaluation for intervertebral disc pathology.



Catheter placement

Barium swallow

Teledyne DALSA Capabilities and Products

Teledyne DALSA's industry-leading CMOS imagers offer lower noise and higher sensitivity than competing products, allowing us to deliver better images at lower dose--benefitting both patients and practitioners.

Compared to competing technologies such as image intensifiers or amorphous silicon, our CMOS flat detectors offer significant advantages such as higher efficiency when detecting X-ray photons (aka DQE) down to the very lowest dose levels, higher frame rates (reduced motion blurring), and lower power consumption and heat dissipation (no cooling required). 

Teledyne DALSA dynamic X-ray detectors are well suited for soft tissue radiology (10kV to 50kV) of patient extremities with resolution between 5 lp/mm to10 lp/mm, as well as higher energy 50kV to >100kV radiology for thick or dense structures such as the head.

Check out our range of standard dynamic CMOS detectors or ask us about custom capabilities.