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Analytical Radiology

Imaging Technology for Analytical Radiology

In all domains of Medical and Scientific X-Ray imaging, replacement of legacy film and analog video processing by a fully digital workflow is underway. There are several drivers for this conversion, including increased operational efficiency and faster work flow (patient throughput), adoption of digital information workflow and archiving infrastructure in the hospitals and electronic sharing of results for peer reviews, the advanced digital image processing capabilities, and the lower X-ray dose and real-time availability that digital X-ray imaging solutions enable.

Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry measures calcium content in bones, which helps in measuring, preventing and treating the loss of bone strength from osteoporosis or other diseases causing bone loss. Bone densitometry requires the highest sensitivity and precision from imaging hardware; the performance of Teledyne DALSA's x-ray products make them an ideal match. Once again, our technology delivers superior image quality at low dose.

Tissue Biopsy

Large area tiled sensor panel technology is successfully used in surgical settings to quickly analyze recently excised tissue samples and inspect for lesions in the margins. Breast and other tissue samples are placed in X-ray biopsy systems during surgery for rapid feedback on surgical effectiveness. Teledyne DALSA offers a number of low-power portable solutions for these types of applications.