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Teledyne DALSA has extensive capabilities in R&D, Manufacturing, Test and Qualification. Our Semiconductor and MEMS foundries comprise class 10 processing and class 100 assembly facilities to process, assemble, and test detectors and cameras. Teledyne DALSA is also experienced with international export controls. Our Canadian-developed technology is ITAR-free.

Research and Development

For over 30 years, Teledyne DALSA has been a global brand in visible imaging. With several visible detector and camera development groups at multiple sites, Teledyne DALSA is able to use local knowledge to offer world class technology and products. The high level of R&D investment (about 10%-20% of Teledyne DALSA's revenue) provides a platform for creating leading technology and pushes the envelope for imaging and semiconductor products. On top of its structural research and development effort to support standard products, Teledyne DALSA has perfected its R&D capability over the years to provide full custom developments to a wide range of standards. Teledyne DALSA design controls are subject to ISO qualification and are compliant with the commonly used MIL standards.


Teledyne DALSA's manufacturing capabilities are characterized by high mix operation, supporting both high and low volume camera and OEM production. Teledyne DALSA is qualified under the ISO9001: 2008 and 13485:2003 quality standard. Teledyne DALSA's production facilities comprise Class 10 wafer and MEMs processing and Class 100 dectector, camera and OEM assembly and test facilities.

Teledyne DALSA is currently investing in wafer scale/MEMS based packaging technologies that can support low cost, high end applications in the near future.


Testing image detectors and cameras require a specific approach and Teledyne DALSA has extensive experience in this field. Teledyne DALSA has flexible test platforms available that can be configured to meet the required test coverage of any product ranging from dectectors to sub-systems. In order to limit particle contamination, detector and camera testing is done in a clean room environment.


Teledyne DALSA can qualify the product to the required standards and or specific environmental conditions. In-house test capabilities allow for rapid test cycles and testing at component level, as per required standard.

Export Controls

Teledyne DALSA applies Canadian technologies in their D&S products, which are 'ITAR-free'. Consequently the exported products are subject to Canadian Export Controls. The Canadian Export Controls are based on a particular version (year) of the Wassenaar Arrangements .

Controlled Goods

In order to handle products that are subject to Group 2, 5 and 6 of the Export Control List, Teledyne DALSA is in the process of implementing a secure infrastructure, compliant to the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.