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Defense and Security Applications

Teledyne DALSA's extensive expertise in developing advanced images sensors for mission critical applications make us the ideal single source supplier for (near) infrared camera technology for night vision, detection, recognition and identification of friends and foes. The NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR camera solutions provide visibility in lowlight, bad weather conditions as well as providing visibility through smoke and camouflage.


Teledyne DALSA provides OEM imaging products that can be applied in various STAR/RSTA sensor systems. Imaging modalities ranging from UV to LWIR and combinations thereof allow for filling in the common operating picture and enhancing the situational awareness. Whether for aircrafts, vehicles, vessels or personal mounted equipment, Teledyne DALSA offers solutions to meet your requirements, optmizing perfomance, reliability and SWAP (Size, Weight and Power).

Threat Detection

Teledyne DALSA's non-visible imaging products can be applied to threat detection and threat localization sensors, serving as reliable inputs for a threat warning and countermeasure systems. For example, UV sensors can be used to detect the gaseous portion of the muzzle flash while IR sensors can be used to detect thermal profiles of propelled incoming projectiles. Teledyne DALSA can provide ensembles of several coupled cameras to provide a real time bearing on incoming threats.

Night Vision and Enhanced Vision

Utilizing several bands in the non-visible spectrum can enhance the visibility under low light and poor visibility conditions. For application like Helmet mounted cameras, Teledyne DALSA can provide un cooled OEM solutions that provide the best possible performance, given the Size, Weight and Power requirements. Teledyne DALSA most recent camera technologies allow for on board image processing and 'smart' features that reduce the data, while enhancing the information. This allows for transferring the imagery obtained from field deployed personnel over a wireless link, with limited bandwidth, to enhance the Common Operational Picture.

Other Applications

Industrial Vision

  • Solar Inspection - SWIR sensors, for applications such as crack inspection, surface analysis and edge analysis.
  • Food Inspection –solutions that are highly sensitive to NIR light, allowing for excellent performance and speed.
  • Stand-off Temperature Measurement - uncooled thermal cameras for measuring temperatures in production flow without probes.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

  • Pharma - SWIR used in the inline analysis of working ingredients' amount and distribution in medicine.
  • Ophthalmic IR modalities – using IR-based Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) cameras, to create cross-sectional views of the retina.
  • Thermography - IR technology for thermal profiling, and applications such as monitoring blood flow under the skin and minuet changes in body temperature