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Hyperspectral Imaging

Teledyne DALSA offers expanded hyperspectral image sensor capability for remote sensing applications, such as environmental observation, defense and security and other earth observation applications.

Leading Edge Solutions

Teledyne DALSA’s custom products group is able to offer a number of new technologies to enable the latest improvements in hypersepectral imaging. In hyperspectral imaging, the incoming light signal is divided into bands that can span as little as a mere 10nm; the more sensitive the sensor, the greater its ability to produce useful information. More and more critical environmental information is available with the latest sensor technologies available from Teledyne DALSA. Key attributes to developing leading edge hyperspectral imaging are: ultra high quantum efficiency, back side thinning, high speed read rates, low defects and advanced packaging techniques.

Teledyne DALSA is able to offer both CCD and CMOS detectors. CCDs are ideal where ultra low noise is preferred and CMOS where low power and high data/frame rates are more important. Typical requirements in hyperspectral imaging require back side thinning in order to get the highest quantum efficiency due the spreading of the incoming light sensor over many pixels. In addition to back side thinning custom anti-reflection coatings further broaden the quantum efficiency in the VSNIR (visible to near IR) range.

With the fabrication possibility of ever smaller pixels high resolutions are obtainable and advanced architectures enable high dynamic range with low crosstalk or blurring. In CMOS the use of partial region readout can enable the highest intra scene dynamic range.

Multiple cost effective package choices are available with hermetic sealing. Designs are available for radiation hardness for extreme environments.

Hyperspectral "cube" layering images with different spectra


  • Monolithic hyperspectral imagers--multiple different imaging areas on one chip
  • "Push-broom" linear and TDI sensors with X resolution to 16000+ pixels and unlimited Y resolution
  • Back side illuminated (BSI) options for maximum sensitivity and QE
  • Antireflective coatings to optimize QE
  • Radiation tolerance/hardness
  • Sophisticated packaging experience
  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • CCD and CMOS solutions
  • Extreme high throughput performance
  • Linear resolution to 16000+ pixels
  • Customizable pixel sizes
  • Back side illumination options