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Co-op Careers

Co-op/Internship Opportunities

Are you interested in gaining valuable co-op/internship experience? Then look no further. Teledyne DALSA is where you want to be! We have a proven track record of providing students with valuable hands-on experience. We welcome students from all disciplines to join Teledyne DALSA and help us create more and even better technology. We are a dynamic, growing company with a bright future. Co-op students and interns are a vital part of our long-term strategy.

We recruit throughout the year for various co-op/intern positions in all academic terms (fall, winter, spring) and advertise directly with universities and colleges. If you are interested in a co-op position, apply through your school's co-op or intern program!

Co-op Testimonials

"Great people, great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally!" 
Krishan C - Winter 2016

“Positive work environment, strong company culture.”
Andrew A — Fall 2014

“My managers are awesome! They are very supportive and give me new work to do which keeps me actively engaged.”
Anshita K — Fall 2014

“The support and acceptance from my co-workers was outstanding.”
Brandon W — Fall 2014

“I always felt like an important part of my team. I worked on really cool projects with really cool people that I could learn a lot from.”
Ayodeji I — Fall 2014

“Great place to work- friendly, qualified people, good working environment.”
Alyssa B — Summer 2014

“The people are great, open, and share their knowledge freely! Interesting technology to work with.”
Rachelle M — Summer 2014

“Enabled me to apply what I have learned in school, the people that work here are amazing and share their knowledge with you.”
Chris F — Summer 2014

“I was able to work on a variety of projects, both software and mechanical. I always had something to work on and wasn’t always stuck doing the same thing.”
Brandon W — Summer 2014

“Really just some of the best people I've ever worked with.”
Kristen M — Summer 2014

“The environment is great- friendly people and lots of opportunities to learn new things pertaining to my field.”
Shervon W — Summer 2014

“This co-op experience was a positive one because the nature of our work was both interesting and challenging. The amount of events we’ve had and overall tightness within the co-op students made my term very enjoyable.”
Hasibur R — Summer 2014

“I learned so much this term about things I never thought I would. Never felt alone, lots of co-op students around me and great DALSA employees. This was a great job!”
Kate D — Summer 2014

“I enjoyed the fact that my opinion and work was very valued among my supervisors.”
Rachelle M — Winter 2014

“Great work culture, good community of co-op students.”
Lawrence Y — Winter 2014

“Working with the people and technology that are pushing the industry forward made this work term especially rewarding.”
David E — Winter 2014

“Great community, great environment to learn and grow, great amount of fun.”
Arieze K — Winter 2014

“I liked that I was treated like a co-worker. I was included in meetings and my ideas were valued.”
Karen K — Winter 2014

“Working here was a great learning experience. I always felt like an equal part of the team and there was always someone more than willing to help me out when I needed it.”
Adriana C — Winter 2014

“My opinion is valued here, my actions affect the company, and this adds responsibilities and respect to my co-op position.”
Sreekant S — Winter 2014

“It is nice to work in a multi-cultural environment at Teledyne DASLA. In this work term I was able to learn and practice both my technical and soft skills, which help to prepare myself for my future career.”
Crystal S — Summer 2013

“This was definitely the most rewarding co-op term I have had so far! I worked on multiple, very interesting projects with lots of welcoming and all around great people.”
Adrian B  Summer 2013

“Teledyne DALSA is a very friendly place to work and it gave me the opportunity to work on projects used throughout the company.”
Shannon B  Summer 2013

“There was variety in my work and everyone is very friendly.”
Jack S  Summer 2013

“Teledyne DALSA has a very friendly environment. Everyone is willing to help you out if you have questions. I also was able to do work that is related to my field of study.”
Jiwon Y  Summer 2013

“My work term at Teledyne DALSA was a great experience, it gave me loads of experience in my field, also it was a very positive environment to work in with lots of great people.”
Tyson S  Summer 2013

“Great team environment, lets co-ops see different aspects of a whole project.”
Jerry L  Winter 2013

“Got to interact with new engineers and gain better knowledge about the industry.”
Joseph K  Winter 2013

“Great learning experience, I got to work with lots of nice people.”
Kyle S  Winter 2013

“Was able to try different things and work with really cool technology.”
Jon D — Winter 2013

“I really enjoyed the projects I worked on and the people I met. I really liked all the social committee activities.”
Linda X — Summer 2012

“I got a lot of responsibility with owning specific sub-projects and was able to meet all the deadlines.”
Andrew B — Summer 2012

“Lovely people and an open inviting environment.”
Linda V — Summer 2012

“I was able to work with tools, technologies and software that I had little to no prior experience with; I learned so much these past 4 months.”
Adrian B — Summer 2012

“Worked with really great people, very well established co-op program.”
Peter T — Summer 2012

“This term allowed me to take projects from the initial concept phase to actually ordering and seeing the final project come to life.”
Tim M — Summer 2012