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About Digital Imaging

High Performance Digital Imaging Solutions

Part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, Teledyne DALSA has delivered industry-leading technology for digital imaging and specialized semiconductor fabrication for over 30 years. With core competencies in CCD and CMOS imagers, high-performance electronic cameras, image processing hardware and software, Teledyne DALSA is committed to enabling industry and exploration through innovative technology.

Our imaging technology began with the visible spectrum, but today extends far beyond it, from deep infrared through deep UV and all the way to X-ray frequencies. Our products define the top end of performance in the world's most demanding digital imaging applications.

We serve a vast range of industries and markets with a remarkable range of imaging products. You'll find our products in factories, laboratories, studios, hospitals and inspection stations all over the world--and even on other planets. From industrial inspection to aerial photogrammetry, mail sorting to factory automation, security to spectroscopy, medical radiography to astronomy, our imaging innovations allow our customers unprecedented insight, enabling new discoveries--and providing competitive advantage.

Explore our technology, our products, and the markets we serve: