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High Resolution and Throughput

More detail. Fewer cameras.

The Piranha3 cameras enable you to meet the line rates necessary for your high performance applications with fewer cameras in your system. When you use fewer cameras, you use fewer framegrabbers, lenses, computers and cables. The Piranha3 family delivers the a powerful price/pixel system solution.

Powerful flexibility and programmability

A Camera Link interface ensures easy integration of the Piranha3 8k and 12k into existing systems. With a selectable number of taps, bit depth, and Camera Link mode, the Piranha3 cameras are extremely flexible. Other programmable features include flat field correction, exposure control, and gain and offset control. Two body styles (P3-80 "flat" or P3-87 "square") give you more mechanical options to best fit your installation.

With throughput of 1.179 Gpixels/s, the CMOS-based Piranha3 16k goes beyond the limits of Camera Link and so uses the HSLink interface pioneered by Teledyne DALSA. HSLink takes the key strengths of Camera Link®, adds new features and functions, and combines them with unprecedented, scalable bandwidth (from 300 to 6000 megabytes/second in 300 megabyte/second steps ) using globally available, off-the-shelf components.

Family Specifications

Camera Type Line Scan
Sensor Technology CCD, CMOS
Supported Interfaces Camera Link, HS Link
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm)

Camera Models

Model Resolution Spectrum Interface Pixel Size Max Line Rate