Teledyne DALSA Inc

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Camera Accessories

For Teledyne DALSA cameras

How to Order

To order any of these accessories, contact sales or your local distributor and quote the part number.

Lens Mounts

Select a camera family to see compatible lens mount options:

Download full lens mount selection chart


Piranha4 2k Accessories 

  • M58x0.75 Lens Mount - P/N: AC-LC-00001 (C-Mount) or AC-LA-00115 (F-Mount)
  • Heat sink - P/N: AC-MS-00108-01-R

Piranha4 4k Accessories

  • M58x0.75 Lens Mount - P/N: AC-LN-00002 (F-Mount)
  • Heat sink - P/N: AC-MS-00108-01-R

Piranha4 8k Accessories

  • M58x0.75 Lens Mount - P/N: AC-LN-00001 (F-Mount)
  • Heat sink - P/N: AC-MS-00115-00-R


Linea 2k & 4k Accessories

  • Heatsink - P/N: AC-MS-00108-01-R

Linea 8k & 16k Accessories

  • Heatsink - P/N: AC-MS-00115-00-R

Genie Nano

Accessories and Cables

Accessory   Part Number
Mounting Bracket Plate
with 1/4 inch screw mount (tripod mount)
I/O Blunt End Cable
(2 meter Screw Retention to Flying Leads)
I/O Breakout Cable
(2 meter Screw Retention to Euroblock connector)
Power and Cable Evaluation Kit, including:
  • Power Supply (12V)
  • Ethernet Cable (RJ-45, 2 meter)
  • 2 meter I/O Breakout Cable (Euroblock)

Lens Mount: M42 to F-mount 12mm BFD lens

For use with XL-body Cameras