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MIDIS Platform for Motion Sensors

MIDIS: MEMS Integrated Design for Inertial Sensors

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Our new MIDIS (MEMS Integrated Design for Inertial Sensors) platform has been developed specifically to allow users to design their own motion sensors for consumer electronics using a stable, well characterized process architecture. The MIDIS platform breaks the one-process-per-product MEMS paradigm, greatly reducing development cost and time to market.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low product cost achieved by reduced die size and elimination of getter
  • Standardized process reduces time to market, cost and development time
  • High vacuum and hermeticity allows resonator Q factors > 20,000
  • Efficient wafer level packaging minimizes overall die size
  • Comprehensive design rules maximize yield and reliability
3D Section of MIDIS PCM resonator MIDIS PCM resonator viewed without lid wafer

Available through our 200mm state of the art MEMS line, the MIDIS platform allows accelerometers, gyroscopes and combo sensors to be integrated into a very compact hermetic wafer level package (WLP) which can be wirebonded or solder bumped. Our high performance wafer bonding and through silicon via (TSV) approach provides high cavity vacuum and hermeticity, without the need for expensive getters.

Process Design Kit

The MIDIS PDK (process design kit) provides a comprehensive set of design rules and a technology description from which MEMS designers can generate a full 3D model of their sensors. Process control monitor (PCM) structures present on all MIDIS wafers include a resonator which is tested to provide design-independent performance data for each wafer manufactured. This resonator structure is also included in the PDK to provide a simple yet representative example which designers can use to calibrate their simulation environments.

Multi-Project "Shuttle Runs"

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, in conjunction with the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC), operates a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) "shuttle run" service providing regularly scheduled fabrication of multi-project wafers. With this service, designers can "share" wafer runs, conducting low-volume experiments with different designs on a portion of a wafer without the cost of a full wafer run. More information:

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