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Multi-Project Wafer "Shuttle" Runs

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor, in conjunction with the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC), operates a 0.8 µm "shuttle run," providing regularly scheduled fabrication of multi-project wafers. With this service, designers can "share" wafer runs, conducting low-volume experiments with different designs on a portion of a wafer without the cost of a full wafer run.

Delivery quantity is thirty (30) unpackaged dice.

Service is available for all 0.8 µm processes:

  • C08G high voltage CMOS/DMOS
  • C08E 3-5V/20V CMOS
  • C08C 3-5V CMOS

Shuttle runs are processed with three layer metal and high value polysilicon resistors.

Requirements for MPW service Usage

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor MPW service manages many designs on different processes. To assure reliability, feasibility, and short processing time for your design, Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor stated some requirements your design must fulfill. Please refer to the following document for details and contact CMC for Guidance.

DES-0041 Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) User Guide

Plus d'information

Pour plus d'information SVP contactez CMC:
Tel: +01 613 530 4674

Vous pouvez également contacter l'équipe commerciale de Teledyne DALSA Semiconducteur:
Tel: +01 450 534 2321
Tel: +01 800 718 9701

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