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Powerful capabilities that extend to all industries, applications, and users.Discover the flexibility of Teledyne DALSA software.

Teledyne DALSA vision systems include user-configurable software applications that have been deployed in thousands of installations around the globe. Our software solutions provide advanced tools, design flexibility, and system versatility to suit diverse application needs across all industries. Teledyne DALSA vision systems are offered with a choice of software interface to accommodate the differing experience and needs of our users.

iNspect Express software allows experienced users and 1st-time adopters alike to setup and deploy solutions with little or no prior machine vision knowledge. iNspect Express's logical setup is built from the experience and algorithms that have been put to the test over the course of many years. Sherlock software offers experienced vision integrators additional flexibility, together with a rich suite of capabilities and options that can be applied to the most challenging of applications. Sherlock provides advanced functionality in terms of scripting, customization and support for 3rd-party tools.
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