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Powerful Tools, Easy to UseDesigned specifically for easy factory floor deployment and usability, our innovative vision systems offer scalable solutions that satisfy a wide range of application needs, from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verification.

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Vision Systems are widely used in factory automation to ensure product quality, increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. In basic terms, vision systems provide the eyes (sensors) and the brains (processors) to identify parts, guide material handlers and inspect products or assemblies at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Vision systems are available in different configurations with more or less capabilities to suit the application needs of all manufacturers. Explore the links below to learn how vision systems can be put to work for you.

What can you do with our vision systems?

Teledyne DALSA vision systems are used across all manufacturing sectors for the purpose of inspection, identification and robotic guidance. Our integrated software provides the tools and capabilities to solve a wide range of application needs and supports standard factory protocols for communicating with complementary equipment. Our robust hardware platforms are built using industrial components that tolerate the variation of environmental conditions in which they operate.


Automotive Inspection Primer
Vision systems are used by top automotive manufacturers and their supply chains to identify, guide, track and inspect parts or sub-assemblies in automotive production lines. Applications Include presence checking of features, part identification and tracking, precision measuring, color analysis, error proofing, surface inspection, robot guidance and more.

Electronics Inspection Primer
Machine vision systems are used in all stages of electronic component and assembly manufacturing. To keep pace with shrinking geometries and high-speed production lines our systems support large image format cameras and multi-core processors to ensure accurate inspection of every part. Applications include part identification, positioning, dimensional measurements, color verification, surface inspection and more.
For Medical device manufacturers, poor or inconsistent product quality can have a dramatic impact on patient outcome. As a result, automated inspection and process validation is required to ensure 100% part integrity. Our vision systems are used in medical applications for precision measurements, assembly verification, 2D code reading, character verification, label integrity and more.

Packaging Inspection Primer
Packaging manufacturers use vision systems to ensure quality and traceability at every stage of the production process, from primary package manufacturing to final pack and shipping. Packaging lines run at high-speed and can have demanding system requirements, such as processing from multiple cameras in parallel. Typical applications include cap presence, fill level, safety seal verification, lot tracking, label correctness and readability.

Pharmaceutical Inspection Primer
Vision systems are used extensively by Pharmaceutical manufacturers to verify the integrity of drug delivery systems, packaging and part traceability. Typical applications include product and package integrity verification, correctness and human readability of printed labels. The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world that demands 100% product quality assurance.

Bottle Inspection Primer
Machine vision is used extensively for the harvesting and packaging of food products. On the harvesting side, vision is used to classify and sort products by color, size or shape to ensure high levels of product consistency. On the packaging side, vision is used to verify package contents and to ensure that packages are correctly sealed and labeled for distribution and tracking. Food applications can be particularly challenging given the natural variation of grown produce combined with high consumer expectations.
Consumer manufacturers cover a broad range of high volume, low cost products that include household, office and personal goods. To stay competitive, these manufacturers rely on fully automated production lines that employ machine vision systems for cost reduction and quality control. Applications include robotic guidance for material handling, part, assembly and package verification, label correctness and readability.

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