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Sensor Selector: Area Scan Sensors

Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS sensors.

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Line/Fr. Rate
Pixel Size
AreaScan Sensors
FTF6040C - 24 MP Color CCD6000x39883.6 fps6x6 µm43.2 mm
FTF6040M - 24 MP Mono CCD6000x39881.8 fps6x6 µm43.2 mm
FTF7046M - 32 MP Mono CCD6936x46161.2 fps5.2x5.2 µm43.3 mm
FTF7046C - 32 MP Color CCD6936x46161.2 fps5.2x5.2 µm43.3 mm
FTF6080C - 48 MP Color CCD8000x60001.6 fps6x6 µm60 mm
FTF6080M - 48 MP Mono CCD8004x60001.6 fps6x6 µm60 mm
FTF9168C - 60 MP Color CCD8956x67081.4 fps6x6 µm67.1 mm
FTF9168M - 60 MP Mono CCD8956x67081.4 fps6x6 µm67.1 mm

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