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FTF3020C 6 MP Color CCD

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DALSA's FTF3020C was the first 6 megapixel 35 mm sensor, and its remarkable image quality made it the de facto standard for digital still photography. It still provides the highest possible image quality for its resolution, with lower dark current, lower noise, and higher dynamic range than any competitor. And with up to four outputs delivering up to 20 frames per second, it isn't limited to still imaging. The FTF3020 also excels in industrial applications requiring the best high-resolution imaging performance at very high speeds. High resolution, high speed, high dynamic range, robust antiblooming, and low noise—the FTF3020 combines these features in the world's best 6 megapixel sensor.

Part NumberFTF3020C
Resolution3072 x 2048 pixels
Pixel Size12 x 12 ┬Ám
Max. Frame Rate20 fps
Total Data Rate144 MHz


Evaluation Kit Datasheet Evaluation Kit Datasheet
FTF3020C Datasheet FTF3020C Datasheet
Application Note AN14, 14-bit Subsystem Application Note AN14, 14-bit Subsystem
FTF3020C Brochure FTF3020C Brochure


Feature Highlights

  • Bayer color filter with proprietary pigment process for the most precise, most stable color performance available
  • Full-frame architecture
  • High sensitivity
  • High linear dynamic range
  • Low dark current and fixed-pattern noise
  • Low readout noise
  • Excellent antiblooming
  • H and V binning
  • Vertical subsampling
  • Variable electronic shuttering
  • Single, mirrored, split, and quadrant output
  • Perfectly matched to visual spectrum
  • RoHS-compliant

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