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Falcon 4M60 Color

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With 4 megapixel resolution, the Falcon 4M60 and 4M30 color CMOS cameras are able to achieve large resolution images at very fast frame rates up to 60 fps. The 4M60 and 4M30 cameras use Teledyne DALSA’s patented CMOS sensor technology with global shuttering to eliminate imaging issues often associated with full frame, frame transfer, or rolling shutter cameras, such as smearing or time displacement artifacts. In addition, features such as individual color gain and offset allow for white balancing of the image and make this color camera easy to use. This makes the camera a perfect choice for demanding applications such as electronics manufacturing where the addition of color makes it easier to find defects than when using a standard monochrome camera. Fully programmable with a Base or Medium Camera Link interface, the cameras incorporate vertical windowing, exposure control, gain and offset adjustment and excellent antiblooming.

Part NumberPT-42-04M60
Resolution2352 x 1728
Total Data Rate320 MHz
Max. Frame Rate60 fps
Pixel Size7.4 µm
Number of Camera Taps4
Output FormatCamera Link Med.
Size94 x 94 x 50 mm
Mass<550 g

Feature Highlights

  • Color, 4 megapixel resolution Teledyne DALSA CMOS
  • 60 fps (30 fps model also available)
  • Global shutter with exposure control
  • Vertical windowing
  • High speed 10 metre data transmission over Camera Link
  • Folded optics adapter available for closer spacing of multiple camera fields of view


  • Flat field correction
  • Adjustable integration time and frame rate
  • Individual color gain and offset adjustment
  • Test pattern and camera diagnostics


Falcon 4M60 Color Datasheet Falcon 4M60 Color Datasheet
Falcon 4M60/4M30 Manual Falcon 4M60/4M30 Manual
App Note: Falcon 4M60/4M30 Snapshot Mode App Note: Falcon 4M60/4M30 Snapshot Mode
Falcon 4M60/4M30 China EIP RoHS Disclosure Falcon 4M60/4M30 China EIP RoHS Disclosure
Falcon 4M60/4M30 EU RoHS Declaration Falcon 4M60/4M30 EU RoHS Declaration
Falcon 4Mxx 3D Model (Step File) Falcon 4Mxx 3D Model (Step File)

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