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PWM sigma-delta modulator

A PWM sigma-delta modulator is a special type of 1-bit sigma-delta modulator that produces a pulse width modulated (PWM) output signal with a fixed repetition frequency. A fixed repetition frequency makes the output signal insensitive to typical problems associated with (continuous time) sigma-delta converters, such as non-linear inter symbol interference (ISI) and kickback noise on the reference of the DAC.

This silicon-proven IP block implements a digital PWM sigma-delta modulator consisting of a fifth-order loop filter, followed by a 16 taps moving average filter, a sawtooth carrier injection (with a frequency of fCLK/16) and a 1-bit quantizer.

The functional block diagram is shown below.


  • 117 dB dynamic range
  • -120 dBFSA inband noise
  • ISI insensitive bit stream
  • No signal-dependent kickback on DAC reference
  • Multi-bit advantages with a single bit modulator
  • Hardware costs ~ 700 gates
  • 0.018 mm2 in 0.14 μm CMOS
  • Silicon proven


  • High accuracy PCM to PWM conversion
  • Signal generation for Class-D amplifiers
  • D/A converters
  • Audio subsystems
  • Audio amplifiers with digital inputs
  • Ideal in combination with FIRDAC (114 dB DR measured)
  • FPGA solution with discrete DAC (110 dB DR measured)

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