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DALSA CEO addresses "Moving Business Forward" conference

DALSA CEO Dr. Savvas Chamberlain recently addressed an audience of local entrepeneurs and business leaders at the "Moving Business Forward" conference in Guelph, Ontario. The conference, organized by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, gave attendees the opportunity to hear personal stories from some Canada's most successful executives. The list of invited spakers included Robert Milton, Chairman, CEO and President of Air Canada parent ACE Aviation Holdings, Jan Chaplin, President and CEO of Canadian General-Tower Ltd., Kathy Bardswick, President and CEO of the Co-Operator Group, and Harry Rosen, Executive Chariman of Harry Rosen Inc.

Dr. Chamberlain's presentation took an entrepeneurial focus, using examples from DALSA's inception and evolution, assessments of current business opportunities for local companies to go global, and advice for those considering new ventures today.

View Dr. Chamberlain's presentation (PDF, 5MB).

Published 2006-09-14

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