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DALSA Origin captures Anthony Hopkins in 4K for Greenpeace

Posted 5/3/2007

Anthony Hopkins stars in an anti-whaling TV ad campaign for Greenpeace, shot in 4K using DALSA Origin cameras and recorded to Codex Digital recorders.

The 60-second spot has been aired on network TV in North America and features the Oscar-winning actor reading excerpts from Psalm 104 and the haunting poem Whales Weep Not! by D.H. Lawrence.

The campaign is intended to highlight the declining numbers of whales throughout the oceans and to raise public awareness about the ongoing hunting of whales in protected waters.

More information:
• Greenpeace website
• Greenpeace press release

View the ad (clips courtesy of Greenpeace):
 Quicktime (high quality) |  YouTube (low quality)

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins speaks out against 4K. Image courtesy of Greenpeace.

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