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Career Opportunity FAQ

Are all of the positions listed on the website open?

Yes, we are recruiting for the positions that are listed on both the career and co-op/intern webpages. The lists of opportunities are checked and updated regularly.

What is the best way to apply to a position at Teledyne DALSA?

It is recommended that you apply through our website. We have hiring managers in our locations throughout the world. By submitting you resume online, it is easier for our hiring managers to get access to the correct resumes for their position and it enables our hiring managers to view resumes in one location. This ensures that resumes are not overlooked.

What happens to my resume after I submit it online?

Once you submit your resume, it goes into a folder dedicated to the position that you applied to. The hiring manager for that position is notified on a daily basis when new resumes have been added to the folder. The hiring manager reviews the resumes submitted for their open position(s).

Will Teledyne DALSA notify me if I do not get selected for an interview?

Due to the volume of resumes that we receive, we are only able to contact those candidates that have been selected for an interview.

Does Teledyne DALSA participate in career fairs/events?

Yes, we do! Please visit the Career Events portion of this website (left side of your screen) for more information on which events we will be attending.

What is the dress code at Teledyne DALSA?

Each site may be different in their dress code policies. New employees will be told about the dress code of their site by the HR representative or hiring manager.


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