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BOA PRO: Sherlock adds power and flexibility

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Design Flexibility  

BOA PRO is embedded with our advanced Sherlock™ vision software. This application is well suited for users with challenging or changing vision requirements. Sherlock offers the design flexibility and inspection capabilities to satisfy a diverse range of applications across all industries.

Sherlock's extensive library of instructions, preprocessors, and algorithms can be combined in a variety of ways. The user graphically applies tools to regions of interest on the image, which are then connected through instructions and conditional statements to form a program or investigatoin. Custom formulas and control operations are easily constructed using the Sherlock script tool and connectivity with the outside is provided through discrete I/O and network commands that support standard factory protocols. 

Sherlock Interface

The software includes a client design interface installed on a PC that communicates with the server or engine embedded on the camera. During development, images from the camera are fed directly to the Sherlock GUI and commands from the program are executed directly on the camera. This methodology optimizes the user design experience while providing an accurate representation of runtime performance. A secondary interface is avaiable through a standard web browser for device setup, runtime monitoring and firmware updating.

The Sherlock design environment is comprised of multiple configurable windows that can be moved, resized, or hidden to support user preferences. 

Sherlock Features

  • User Features

    • Flexible programming interface
    • Extensive list of drag-drop instructions
    • Dedicated Javascript editor
    • Single step debugging
    • Unauthorized access protection
    • Full-featured emulator for offline editing

    Vision Capabilities

    • Large selection of algorithms and preprocessors
    • ROI shape selection: Rectangle, Annulus, Polygon, Line, Point, Polyline, Arc, Rake, Polyrake, Spoke
    • Basic Tools: Edge, Count, Caliper, Contrast, Intensity, Statistics
    • Reader Tools: 1D, 2D, OCR
    • Complex Tools: Bead, Calibration, Crawler, Laser, Pattern Match 

    Integration Controls

    • Flexible triggering and direct control over illuminatoin (light strobing)
    • Scripting provides integration flexibility and custom control
    • Direct support for factory protocols including Ethernet/IP, Modbus and ProfiNet
    • Support for image and results logging to connected network drives
    • Full featured API for custom operator interface design

Typical Applications

  • Part positioning, sorting, and counting
  • Product identification and tracking
  • Label presence and placement
  • Date, lot, and product code validation
  • Assembly verification
  • Presence or absence of features
  • High-precision dimensional measurement
  • Color verification
  • Surface scratch and crack detection
  • Error proofing
  • Robot guildance
  • Bead uniformity and integrity verification


BOA PRO Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
BOA 640C PRO640 x 4807.4 µm60 fps
BOA 640M PRO640 x 4807.4 µm60 fps
BOA 1024C PRO1024 x 7683.7 µm22 fps
BOA 1024M PRO1024 x 7683.7 µm22 fps
BOA 1280C PRO1280 x 9603.7 µm22 fps
BOA 1280M PRO1280 x 9603.7 µm22 fps
BOA 1600M PRO1600 x 12004.4 µm15 fps

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