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Sapera Architect Plus

Sapera Machine Vision Integrated Prototyping Environment

Sapera Architect Plus is a rapid prototyping and evaluation platform for Sapera Vision Software. Sapera Architect Plus comes bundled with the field proven image acquisition, processing and analysis of Sapera Essential.

Key Features

  • Prototype Vision Algorithms without writing a single line of code
  • Access to 400+ image processing and analysis functions
  • Complete flow control, subroutines, debugging and monitoring
  • Live image acquisition and display
  • Save parameter configuration files for later use

Key Benefits

  • Rapid prototyping and evaluation
  • Easy to use user interface

Rich Graphical Programming Environment

Sapera Architect Plus

Integrated Development Tools
Sapera Architect Plus offers not only the conventional programming concepts and techniques; it also includes standard debugging and reporting tools to facilitate algorithm development and performance fine tuning. These techniques include breakpoints, single step program execution, stepping in or stepping over subroutines, watch. In addition, the architect Plus supports a broad set of data types and constructs to facilitate algorithm prototyping.

Program Flow Control
The graphical user interface offers functions to control and direct the program flow with iterative loops and conditional branching. Convention conditional branching operators such as IF(), IF/ELSE() and loops including FOR(), WHILE() are supported.

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