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Aerospace Imaging

Aerospace Imaging Applications

Teledyne DALSA offers custom capabilities in remote sensing technology for aerospace applications such as environmental observation, defense and security and other earth observation applications.


  • Monolithic multispectral and hyperspectral devices imaging multiple visible and near-infrared bands
  • Highest resolution--linear devices over 16000 pixels wide for high resolution panchromatic imaging
  • Highest light collection efficiency and speed
  • Maximum signal to noise ratios
  • Robust designs for extreme environments
  • Custom back side thinning (BST) process for highest sensitivity and QE
  • CMOS or CCD technologies
  • Area, linescan and TDI sensors

Teledyne DALSA also offers advanced packaging options; our experience with designs optimized for radiation hardness and extreme environments gives our customers confidence and competitive advantage.

Multispectral Space-qualified 100+ megapixels MIL STD

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