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Sapera APF

Unprecedented integrated graphical FPGA development environment

Graphical FPGA Development Environment:
Design, develop, and debug powerful real-time solutions faster than ever

Sapera APF is an integrated graphical FPGA development environment. Simplifying traditional FPGA development processes by combining a point and click graphical interface with FPGA based image processing libraries, Sapera APF comes bundled with a bit accurate software version of the FPGA library functions for rapid functional simulation. It also automatically generates necessary infrastructure to call user functions using Sapera SDK. This powerful, yet easy to use FPGA development environment allows users to create, debug, and deploy FPGA code without ever leaving the development GUI, dramatically improving ease of development and time to deployment.

Free Download: Sapera LT SDK Free Download: Full Sapera Suite Evaluation

Sapera APF not only offers extensive FPGA image processing functions but also includes libraries for image acquisition, control and auxiliary input/output controls.

Sapera APF's graphical user interface offers programming features of conventional software IDEs like on the fly program editing, single stepping, variable watches to review intermediate results, etc. and combines them with hardware design rules check and resource verification. Users interact with Xilinx tools directly from within Sapera APF to generate FPGA bit streams.

When creating custom FPGA designs, for proper software control, it is necessary to plan and implement equivalent software control functions which includes describing function prototypes and parameters. Sapera APF automates this crucial step of generating software interface for user defined FPGA designs. The user FPGA designs can thus be controlled from Sapera LT based host applications. Sapera APF also comes bundled with RTPro application allowing users to exercise their FPGA designs without having to write control application on the host.

Key Features

Intuitive Graphical Programming

  • Enables Real-time embedded image processing
  • Rapid design implementation using Point & Click IDE
  • Software centric approach
  • Extensive set of image processing functions for the FPGA
  • Bit accurate software functions permit verification of algorithm behavior
  • Automatic software interface generation for user created hardware designs
  • Seamless interface to Xilinx tools

FPGA based Embedded Image Processing Libraries

  • Over 150 imaging functions
  • Include bit accurate software implementation


  • Capture image from area or line scan cameras
  • Color or monochrome processing

FPGA Processing Functions

FPGA processing functions

  • Basic Operations
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Logic operations
  • Pixel operations
  • Neighborhood operations
  • Statistics
  • Camera I/O control
  • Color Space Conversion
  • Bayer conversion
  • Streams
  • Memory access
  • GPI/O control

Advanced Operations

  • Rotation by arbitrary angle
  • Loss-less compression
  • RLE
  • Image compression

Upcoming Functions*

  • Warping
  • Wavelet Encoding
  • Blob Analysis
  • JPEG Compression

*Contact Teledyne DALSA Sales for availability


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