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MEMS Innovation

Teledyne DALSA has an active R&D program focused on leading technology for MEMS manufacturing.

A partner in the nearby state-of-the-art facility, C2MI, we help develop the next generation of demanding processes on 200mm to enable the new functionalities and increased capacity required by our customers

C2MI also works to develop new processes, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, which can be scaled up to high volume with Teledyne DALSA.


The Collaborative Centre for Microelectronics Innovation, or C2MI, is an R&D facility able to develop MEMS technology that can be readily transferred into high volume production. Thanks to a large investment by Canadian industry and government, this facility features some of the most advanced MEMS development capabilities in the world.  

Teledyne DALSA is a founding member of the Collaborative Centre for Microelectronics Innovation. It is a new, purpose built R&D centre for advanced packaging and MEMS, focused on bridging the gap from leading edge research to high volume commercial production. Teledyne DALSA engineers develop new processing techniques using the Centre’s state of the art 200 mm, production worthy tools, allowing a smooth and rapid transfer to high volume at our nearby production fab.

The C2MI is operated independently of its industrial partners - you don’t have to be a customer of Teledyne DALSA to make use of its advanced MEMs R&D facilities. For details visit the C2MI website www.c2mi.ca.