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Opportunity: Development of photolithography, metrology, inspection and plasma process technology blocks

Job File: 4128 Location: Bromont, QC, Canada


Development of photolithography, metrology, inspection and plasma process technology blocks


for a 3D stacking microfabrication platform

Job description and project scope

To develop the following technology blocks that will support the 3D integration platform for ROIC/CMOS/MEMS /sensors wafers:

  • Photolithography
  • Metrology (non invasive, non destructive)
  • 100% visible and IR inspection
  • Plasma processes (etching, stripping, cleaning)

Description of the program

Teledyne DALSA (, located at Bromont (Quebec, Canada), is a world class foundry for MEMS, wafer level packages and sensors manufacturing by surface and bulk micromachining for major international customers in various highly technological markets, such as telecommunications, industrials, aerospace, biomedical or consumer electronics. Our customers use our technologies to produce advanced MEMS and sensors devices, which satisfy the needs for these very competitive markets. Teledyne DALSA is an ISO9001, QS9000, TS-16949 and ISO-14001 registered foundry.

Teledyne DALSA is currently launching a program to expand the portfolio of its 3D technologies as to offer turnkey solutions to its internal and external customers for ROIC/CMOS/MEMS/sensors vertical integration. To achieve this goal, three technology blocks have to be developed, mastered and controlled for high volume manufacturing using high Quality standards and procedures:

  • Photolithography, metrology, inspection and plasma processes for 3D integration
  • Bonding, grinding, CMP and micromachining technologies for 3D integration
  • Cu-TSV development and integration in a 200mm high volume CMOS/ROIC wafer process for 3D integration


To help us supporting the photolithography, metrology, inspection and plasma processes, a position is open for a dynamic autonomous and experienced professional who will work in the LIMS at the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI, This position is offered at our development and production factory in Bromont, Quebec.

This position requires the knowledge of the following manufacturing technologies:


  • Adhesion promotion and functionalization on various surfaces;
  • Coating of classic and high viscosity (thick) photopolymers;
  • Application of photosensitive dry films;
  • Exposition of classic photopolymers (positive and negative tones, chemically amplified, permanent or sacrificial);
  • Design and validation of stepper jobs;
  • Photopolymer development in aqueous and solvent based solutions;
  • Photolithography simulations;
  • Atmospheric or low pressure polymerisation;
  • 2D (CD, overlay) optical metrology and 3D metrology using white light interferometry;
  • Thin film metrology using spectroscopic reflectometry;
  • 100% visible and IR automated optical inspection and associated activities for defect density reduction;

This position requires the knowledge of the following manufacturing equipment:

  • Steppers 5X i-line in Front-to-Back mode (ASML PAS5500/200 3D-Align);
  • Coat and develop systems (TEL CleanTrack ACT-8, TEL Mark 8);
  • Convective furnaces (Yes Vertacure and Vertavac);
  • DUV (Axcelis Fusion M200PCU);
  • Interferometer (Nanometrics Unifire);
  • Reflectometer (N&K Olympian);
  • AOI (Rudolph Explorer F30);This position requires the mastery of the following methodologies:
  • Scientific methodology
  • DAP (Productivity Improvement Methodology)
  • ‘Design of Experiments’ (DOE)
  • ‘Process Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis’ (PFMEA)
  • ‘Statistical Process Control’ (SPC) and 6-Sigma
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Kaizen, 5S
  • 8D
  • Gage R&R


  • B.Ing. M.Sc.A ou Ph.D
  • FEA tools
  • Layout tools and electrical characterization of components
  • Languages (English and French)
  • Team work and communications
  • Project management and technology integration expertise (upstream and downstream)
  • Experience in 3D stacking and TSV integration fabrication
  • Learning and training abilities
  • Documentation and organization at work
  • Innovation and resourcefulness
  • Responsibility and accountability toward schedules and mandates
  • Adaptation and flexibility
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in MEMS fabrication


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