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Teledyne DALSA's MEMS Toolbox

Proven, Patented Processes and Techniques for MEMS

Teledyne DALSA’s MEMs toolbox is how we convert our raw 150mm and 200mm Foundry Capability into structural materials with the mechanical and electrical properties required by different MEMs applications. It comprises dozens of proven and patented process modules and techniques including:

  • Silicon  DRIE surface and bulk micromachining techniques for Si including high aspect ratio and high throughput, with depths to 875 µm and etch rates up to 35 µm/min for 1:1 aspect ratio cavities. For through silicon vias, our DRIE capabilities include aspect ratios of 23:1 and 90-91° profiles with etch rates of 9 µm/min as well as fine etching with sidewall roughness <90 nm for aspect ratios up to 35:1 with control of vertical profiles (89.7-90.3°) and tilt <0.5°. We also offer other angles such as 60°, providing an alternative to anisotropic wet etch with high throughput and more design flexibility.
  • In-situ doped polysilicon as a structural material and for TSVs.  This material has a resistivity of  0.65 µΩ-cm, a stress of -25 MPa and stress gradient of 3.0 MPa/ µm.
  • Low stress Silicon nitride protection during anhydrous HF release, and as a structural material to balance stress when combined with other silicon features.  This film has a stress of 190MPa and a dielectric breakdown of >4.8MV/cm.
  • Anhydrous HF release recipes eliminate post-etch stiction and by-product residues. 
  • Photo definable thick polymer  used as a high aspect ratio imaging photoresist, as a mould for electroplating or as a structural material for wafer level packaging. 
  • Copper TSV. This room temperature process uses a highly conformal electrografted  insulator to line the Via walls followed by copper electroplating.  The copper can be polished back to be flush with the silicon surface or patterned to form a redistribution layer.  A copper via of 20:1 aspect ratio has a resistance of only 0.1Ω, making it ideal for applications requiring high current density or high frequency operation.  
    » Read more about our TSV processes 


Thick polymers

Wafer bonding


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