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200 mm MEMS Line

Teledyne DALSA's 200 mm MEMS line has been installed to provide capacity for higher volume production, and to support wafer level bonding of MEMS to 200 mm CMOS wafers. There is a high degree of commonality between our 150 mm and 200 mm MEMS line and most applications which run on 150 mm can be transferred to 200 mm if required.



  • 5X front to front  (ASML)  0.35 µm feature, 0.1 µm accuracy
  • 5X front to back (ASML)   0.35 µm feature, 0.2 µm accuracy
  • 1x front to front 3.0 µm feature, 0.5 µm accuracy
  • 1x front to back  3.0 µm feature, 0.75 µm accuracy

Positive and negative resists

  • Dry film lamination of photo-definable thick polymers 
  • Spin coating of thin and thick photoresists and photopolymers

Plasma Deposition


  • PECVD TEOS, nitride. 


  • DRIE (SPTS) 
  • RIE  oxide,  nitride , silicon, polysilicon,  metals
  • Anisotropic silicon wet etch (TMAH, KOH)
  • Wet isotropic etch of oxide and aluminum
  • Vacuum priming/drying, dry lift-off.

Furnaces: Vertical

  • Wet/dry oxidation
  • LPCVD Nitride (including low stress)
  • LPCVD silicon (in-situ doped)
  • SAM coating


  • Sputter: AlCu,  Au, Cr
  • Electroplated : Cu, Sn, Au, Au-Sn
  • Electroless plating NiPd, NiAu

Wafer Bonding

  • Si-Si, Si-SiO2, SiO2-SiO2,  eutectic, polymer, 
  • Au-Au, Au-Sn, Al-Ge

Wafer Thinning

  • Backgrind, edge grinding.
  • CMP, oxide CMP, Copper CMP

Metrology (in-line)

  • Automated CD & alignment measurement
  • White light Interferometer
  • Surface profiler
  • IR metrology and inspection
  • Spectroscopic reflectometer
  • 100% Automatic Visual Inspection


  • Automated taping/dicing 
  • UV backing and cover tapes.


  • Keithley Parametric testers
  • Automatic probers
  • MEMs electrical, optical and acoustic testing
  • Test development service for MEMS 
  • Customer specific test systems

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