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Single Step Processing Services

In addition to complete wafer fabrication processes, Teledyne DALSA offers to its customers specific single manufacturing step services as described below.

Wafer Grinding/Polishing

Scanning acoustic image of 200 mm wafer after backgrind

Wafer thinning has become an important step for MEMS technologies. Teledyne DALSA offers state-of-the-art tools for wafer thinning (grinding) and polishing.

  • Backgrinding
  • Edge grinding
  • Polishing (CMP)


Teledyne DALSA offers a wide variety of bonding technologies available for customers looking for a reliable foundry partner to rapidly expand their own internal capacity for such a critical MEMS processing step. Our bonding technology portfolio includes the following techniques:

  • Si-Si, Si-SiO2 and SiO2-SiO2 fusion bonding
  • Eutectic bonding
  • Polymer bonding
  • Solder bonding
  • Thermo-compression bonding
  • Glass frit sealing
  • Anodic bonding
  • Plasma-assisted polymer bonding
  • Temporary bonding


Teledyne DALSA offers the following technologies for wafer plating:

  • Electroless plating of Ni/Au for under-bump metallisation (150 mm and 200 mm wafers)
  • Electrolytic plating of Cu for interconnect/redistribution (200 mm wafers only)


Process Overview Brochure
MEMS Brochure

For more information on individual processes and special requests, please contact us.

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