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Photomask Services

Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor acts as a photomask supplier using a highly automated data flow and accessing the right high-tech equipment from world-leading mask suppliers. We can supply masks for usage at our foundry or even for external work if you do your own post-processing of wafers. We are your one stop shop to make your design happen.

Finding help can be an exercise in frustration in a leading-edge industry. Some photomask shops dont want occasional customers, and other suppliers urge their solutions upon you while you are still presenting your problem. That doesnt happen at Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor.

Once you have completed your design database, the next steps in chip fabrication are the transfer of the design to the foundry and the creation of photolithographic masks. DPFS provides the technical link between customer and foundry. We have a deep understanding of mask fabrication processes. DPFS services include:

  • Accept and manage customer databases with ultra-secure and confidential archiving
  • Create scribe channel and manufacturing structures
  • Generate data as requested by customer
  • Create multichip 1X wafer layouts and 5X shots
  • Multi-substrate processing, e.g. generating masks (1X, 5X) for up to 6 faces when bonding 3 wafers
  • Apply process biasing and boolean operations
  • Job verification after assembly or data fracture
  • Mix and match 1X and 5X masks for same wafer

Because mask-making is one part of the continuum of our custom services, we will take total responsability for all aspects of circuit production when you need more than photomasks. Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor custom services match or outperform any competitor anywhere in terms of sophistification, price and turn-around time.

Along with its MEMS expertise, Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor offers direct personal support that sets it apart from any competitor.

Requirements for Mask Creation

For successful mask creation, the design databases sent or "taped-out" to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor must meet specific requirements. Please refer to these documents for the requirements, and Contact DPFS for guidance.

  • DES001: Terms and Conditions for Submitting Databases to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor
    Word Format | PDF
  • DES002: Required Information for Submitting Databases to Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor
    Word Format | PDF

Die labeling standard

  • DES-0028 : Die Location on Wafers - Rules and Conventions
    PDF | Word Format

 Chip Finishing Flow

More Information

For more information on individual processes and special requests, please contact us.

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