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DH9665A: 96-Channel HV Amp with S/H

240V, 96-Channel, Precision High Voltage Sample/Hold Precision Linear Amplifier

DH9665A HV Amplifier with S/H

Teledyne DALSA's DH9665A is a High Voltage Sample/Hold Precision Linear Amplifier with 96 independent High Voltage Outputs ranging up to 240V.

Combining lower cost per output with lower temperature operation, the DH9665A delivers industry-leading performance for HV MEMS actuation.

Four inputs (VINA to VIND) program internal sample-and-hold capacitors for amplification with a closed loop gain of 79V/V. HV channels are selected via a 5-bit address word (AD4-AD0) for the 24 groups of 4 channels (Quads). An on-chip silicon diode is available for temperature monitoring. 


Feature Specification
Part Number DH9665A
Output Voltage 0-240V
Internal Closed Loop Gain 79V/V
Operating Temperature -10℃ to 85℃
Packaging 193-pin BGA, PB-free, 17X17mm
  Bumped Die in Waffle Pack


Feature Highlights

  • 96 independent High Voltage Sample/Hold Amplifiers
  • High Precision Voltage of ±20mV with Wide Linear Output Range up to 240V
  • 4 Analog HV Outputs programmable simultaneously
  • 24 selectable groups of 4 HV Outputs (Quads)
  • Internal closed loop gain of 79V/V
  • Very Low Power Consumption below 500mW
  • Small footprint: 3.0mm2/ch for BGA, 0.8mm2/ch for Die
  • Integrated Diode for temperature monitoring


One Page Overview One Page Overview
数据资料表 数据资料表  (Chinese)
データシート データシート  (Japanese)
Full Datasheet Full Datasheet

Functional Block Diagram

Functional Block Diagram

Pin Configuration

Pin Configuration

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