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DH0485A: 240V, 4-Channel DAC HV Amplifier

240V, 4-Channel, DAC HV Amplifier with DC/DC Boost Converter

DH0485A DAC HV Amplifier

Teledyne DALSA’s DH0485A has four independent 16-bit High Voltage Linear Amplifiers with 2-bit programmable internal close loop gain.
A DC/DC Step-up Converter is included to supply an adjustable High Voltage power rail programmable at 90V, 115V, 170V and 240V.

The DH0485A uses a standard SPI®/3-wire serial interface to control the four DACs.

Reset pin (ST), active low, is used to put the DC/DC converter, all HV Outputs and all DACs at low level.
The DH0485A is fabricated in Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor’s CMOS/DMOS High Voltage Technology providing high reliability and using advanced materials which allows accuracy and low noise. 


Feature Specification
Part Number DH0485A
Output Voltage 0-90V, 0-115V, 0-170V and 0-240V
Resolution 16 bits
DAC settling time 7 msec
Max positive supply 3.6 V
Negative supply No
DAC type Voltage out
Packaging QFN 33L, 6x6 mm, 0.5 P, RoHS Compliant
Interface Standard SPI®/3-wire serial interface


Feature Highlights

  • Four independent 16-bit High Voltage Amplifiers up to 240V
  • 2-bit Voltage Selector pins allowing 4 levels of HV Outputs, via a DC/DC Step-up Converter and Internal Loop Gain
  • Standard SPI®/3-wire serial interface for DAC programming up to 50MHz
  • Low Pass Filter to avoid resonance frequency of MEMS
  • Only Low Voltage power supplies are needed
  • Low Noise
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Internal Diode for Temperature Monitoring
  • Small footprint and Form Factor with QFN Package


  • Accurate HV Drivers for Electrostatic Actuators
    • MEMS (Micro-Electrical- Mechanical Systems)
    • MOEMS (Micro-Optical- Electrical-Mechanical Systems)
  • Battery powered portable systems


One Page Overview One Page Overview
Full Datasheet Full Datasheet

Evaluation Board

Evaluate the DH0485A with its evaluation board platform. Get more information here:

Evaluation Board

Functional Block Diagram

Functional Block Diagram

Pin Configuration

Pin Configuration

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