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DB04HV85A: HV IC Evaluation Board

High Voltage Evaluation Board for DH0485A, 240V, 4-ch, 16-bit DAC

DB04HV85A Evaluation BoardTeledyne DALSA's DB04HV85A High Voltage Evaluation Board provides a platform to evaluate our DH0485A chip, a 240V, 4-Channel, 16-bit DAC HV Amplifier with DC/DC Boost Converter.

Feature Highlights

  • Based on Teledyne DALSA DH0485A product, a 240V, 4-Channel, 16-bit DAC HV Amplifier with DC/DC Boost Converter
  • Provides access to all functional blocks of DH0485A:
    • Power supplies pins
    • Standard SPI®/3-wire serial interface and digital signals
    • 2.5V on-board voltage reference or external reference input pin
    • 2bit HV output range setting
    • 4 independent HV outputs
    • Internal diode for temperature monitoring

Included items

  • HV Evaluation Board
  • Power supply cable connector and pins
  • Digital interface cable connectors
  • Digital interface 10 conductors 3' flat cable


Full Datasheet Full Datasheet

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