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Custom HV ASIC Design

High Voltage ASIC Design Services

When performance is critical, there is no substitute for a purpose-built solution. Many MEMS require a high voltage driver IC, and Teledyne DALSA’s high voltage ASIC design service gives you the benefit of all our experience with both HV and MEMS to deliver solutions with the precise specifications you need. DALSA offers industry-leading manufacturing capabilities and design services for high voltage CMOS ICs such as drivers for inkjet print heads, flat panel displays, LEDs and LCDs, micromirrors, and microfluidics. We can build complete application-specific solutions for you from the ground up with none of the compromises of off-the-shelf components.

Take advantage of our 10+ years of HV technology expertise and ourspecialized IP library. From your requirements, we will create a custom, purpose-built solution with optimal, differentiating performance for true competitive advantage. With our unique combination of technology portfolio, dedicated design staff, and experience integrating of control logic with high voltage actuators, we can minimize design iterations and development time, ensuring your concept meets specifications while maximizing the product yield and smoothing the transition to high volume production. Our advanced design, verification, test, and packaging capabilities can bring your visions to reality more easily than you ever imagined.

Custom ASICs can optimize performance in a smaller, lower power package 

Not only can application-specific ICs optimize the performance of your application, they can dramatically reduce the size, footprint, power consumption, cost, and complexity of the design by integrating the functionality of an entire board or collection of chips into a single IC.


Teledyne DALSA is uniquely qualified and positioned to fast-track HV driver ASIC designs, from simple to highly complex, with capabilities such as:

  • Voltage range up to650 V
  • High pin countfor HV outputs: 32, 64, 96, 128 and more
  • Fast HV signals: over 500 kHz at 250 V with Cload: 15 pF
  • Smaller areaper HV output versus competing solutions
  • Customized die shape: L:W exceeding 5:1


MEMS integration with HV CMOS and CMOS

Many MEMS applications require high voltage actuation with low voltage control circuitry. Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor can provide this capability as a stand-alone ASIC, a MEMs + ASIC assembly using wafer-level packaging, or as a fully integrated process combining both on the same wafer.


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