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Goods will not be accepted by Teledyne DALSA without an RMA number.

If you purchased your units from a dealer, please contact them to request an RMA.

If you purchased your units directly from Teledyne DALSA, please fill out the RMA form below.

Terms and Conditions

For information regarding policies on warranty and return authorizations, please review: Terms and Conditions of Sale

RMA Request Form



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At Teledyne DALSA, we value the health and safety of all employees. If equipment being returned has been exposed to any biohazardous environment, it is the customer's obligation to advise us, and to properly decontaminate the products before returning them to us.

Any goods that have been exposed to radioactive environments will NOT be accepted.

Please honor our request by completing the below form.

* Was this product exposed to any sort of hazardous/biohazardous environment?

 Biohazardous material:
 Other infectious/hazardous materials:

If answering "yes" to any of the above, you must provide detailed information regarding what specific type of biohazard the product was exposed to, and what steps were taken to disinfect/decontaminate the product.  


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