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CAD Drawings

This area contains mechanical drawings for end-user and associated products. Please contact your Teledyne DALSA representative for more information.

Vision Appliances

Vision Appliances Date Document  
VA15/3X 12/12/11 VA15/3X Assembly (PDF) VA15/3X Assembly (DXF)
VA4X/5X/6X 12/12/11 VA4X/5X/6X Assembly (PDF) VA4X/5X/6X Assembly (DXF)
DCI-100 12/12/11 DCI-100 Assembly (PDF) DCI-100 Assembly (DXF)
GEVA 12/12/11 GEVA Assembly (PDF) GEVA Assembly (DXF)


Cameras Date Document  
BOA Cameras 12/12/11 BOA Assembly (PDF)
BOA 3D Assembly (IGS)
BOA Assembly (DXF)
BOA Mounting Bracket (PDF)
PL-100 12/12/11 PL-100 Assembly (PDF) PL-100 Assembly (DXF)
PL-200 12/12/11 PL-200-E Assembly (PDF)
PL-200-IO Assembly (PDF)
PL-200-IOE Assembly (PDF)
PL-200-E Assembly (DXF)
PL-200-IO Assembly (DXF)
PL-200-IOE Assembly (DXF)
Genie Cameras 04/07/08 PDF Drawing DXF Drawing
CVA1 & CVA11 09/01/06 PDF Drawing DXF Drawing
SM2 04/06/07 PDF Drawing DXF Drawing
TM1 05/15/06 PDF Drawing
TM2 04/03/07 PDF Drawing DXF Drawing
IP67 Enclosure 04/03/07 PDF Drawing DXF Drawing


Accessories Date Document  
VA40 Breakout 12/15/06 Mechanical Drawing
24V Power Supply 05/15/06 Specification & Mechanical Drawing

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