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CAD Drawings

This area contains mechanical drawings for end-user and associated products. Please contact your Teledyne DALSA representative for more information.

GEVA Vision Systems

Vision System Date Documents    
GV300 10/29/13 PDF   3D Model
GV312T 8/12/14 PDF   3D Model
GV1000 1/28/11 PDF DXF 3D Model
GV3000 10/29/13 PDF   3D Model
GV3000CL 10/29/13 PDF   3D Model
PL-USB 7/6/15   DXF 3D Model

BOA Sensors and Systems

BOA/Accessory Date Documents    
BOA Spot M12 2/4/16 PDF DXF 3D Model
BOA Spot C-mount   PDF DXF 3D Model
BOA/BOA50/BOA200 10/5/09 PDF DXF 3D Model
BOA2 XA 4/21/15 PDF  3D Model
PL-100 2/23/13 PDFDXF  
PL-101 10/11/16 PDF   
PL-200-E 3/23/11 PDFDXF
PL-200-IO 3/31/11 PDFDXF  
PL-200-IOE 3/31/11 PDFDXF  
BOA Spot Bracket       3D Model
BOA Bracket   PDF    


Camera Date Documents    
Genie Nano   PDF   3D Model
Genie   PDF DXF 3D Model
Genie TS       3D Model
Linea       3D Model
PIC     3D Model
Genie Nano Bracket     3D Model

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