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The Remote RadEye detachable x-ray detector is designed to fit into tight spaces that are too small to fit a complete imaging camera. The Remote RadEye sensor module is available in several different sensor sizes, and sits at the end of a detachable cable that can reach into tiny corners. The panel electronics are mounted in a separate enclosure which can be placed up to several meters away. While designed for portable NDT applications, the Remote RadEye can also be used in fixed installations.

The Remote Sensor head consists of a rugged, light-tight enclosure that is only slightly larger than the sensor itself. Users can choose between five different sensor modules, each of which contains a two-dimensional CMOS photodiode array featuring up to 2 million pixels with pixel spacing ranging from 20μm to 96μm. Most models are sold in a low-energy/low-dose configuration (typ. 10-50kV) and an extended 10-160kV energy range (high dose) “EV” version, or even with a Beryllium entrance window that can be used in low-energy applications down to 5keV. A shielded cable connects the sensor head to the camera module, which contains either a microprocessor-controlled USB interface, or a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Please refer to our other product pages for information on RadEye sensors.

RemoteRadEye Detector Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeFrame Rate
Remote RadEye 2001024 x 100096 µm1.35 fps
Remote RadEye11024 x 51248 µm2.7 fps
Remote RadEye21024 x 102448 µm2.7 fps
Remote RadEye HR1650 x 124620 µm0.75 fps
Remote RadEye42048 x 102448 µm2.7 fps

Electronics Modules

Device Host Interface Description
Ethernet Electronics Module GigE Electronics module with GigE interface.


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