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The Shad-o-Box™ 512 x-ray camera is a stand-alone, high-resolution radiation imaging device complete with 12-bit digital interface. The large 49.2 mm by 24.6 mm sensing area consists of a 1024 by 512 pixel photodiode array sensor with 48 μm pixel spacing. An integral phosphor screen shields the sensor from ambient light and converts incident x-rays or energetic particles to visible light that is sensed by the silicon photodiodes. Two models for low x-ray energies (10 – 50 kV) and an extended energy range (10 – 160 kV) can be used in a wide range of applications including medical diagnostics, industrial inspection (NDT) and scientific imaging.

Part NumberSB1010
Resolution1024 x 512
Active Area49 mm × 24 mm
Total Data Rate3 MHz
Max. Frame Rate2.7 fps
Pixel Size48 µm
Output FormatLVDS
Size127 x 124x 23 mm
Mass1.5 kg

Feature Highlights

  • 50 mm by 25 mm active area
  • 524,288 pixels
  • 10 lp/mm (48 μm) resolution
  • 12- or 14-bit digital video output
  • Energy range from 10 to 160 kV
  • Small, convenient form factor
  • Standard frame grabber interface
  • Ready-to-run software and drivers



Shad-o-Box Hardware Manual Shad-o-Box Hardware Manual
Shad-o-Box 512 Datasheet Shad-o-Box 512 Datasheet
Application Note AN07 - Scintillator Options for Shad-o-Box Cameras Application Note AN07 - Scintillator Options for Shad-o-Box Cameras

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